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Interior design tips for small dining rooms

The dining room with a modest area always makes you think about choosing and arranging an interior that is reasonable while still promoting all the necessary functions as well as maintaining aesthetics and creating ambience cozy for the family?

Some of the following small area interior design tips will help you confidently complete the house, turning it into a delicate and impressive living space.
1. Decorate the beautiful dining room with mirrors

Decorating the dining room with a mirror helps to light up the space as well as create a visual effect of the room larger than usual. You can make a large mirror opposite the dining table or simply use decorative mirrors with light, golden metal frame motifs ... you will have a large and beautiful space for your family.

In addition, the mirror is also a place to reflect the vase, sparkling candlelight or an opposite picture, bringing more cheerful and cozy atmosphere to the room.
2. Use furniture with a low height

In a small dining room, it is best to use low-grade dining room tables and chairs that do not obstruct the view. That helps the space more open. You can replace high chairs with a bench in rooms with modest sizes.
3. Select square or rectangular dining table

A set of circular dining room furniture will take up quite a lot of space in our kitchen. If our kitchen is small, choose a small size dining table and chairs. Square or rectangular dining tables do not take away much of the kitchen space, and meet the needs of use.

However, in case we have little space and it is difficult to arrange a rectangular or square table, it is still possible to place a round table. The round table has no corners, creating a softer, more flexible feel, but we need to carefully consider the size of the table to not take up too much space.
4. Make use of natural light

No matter how narrow the dining area in the houses, try to arrange the dining table in the place with the most natural light. Natural light not only helps to make space larger, but also helps people feel happy and excited while enjoying a meal.

A dining table placed near the window for breakfast, while watching the warm rays of sunlight at the end of the day will be a wonderful thing for each family member. If everyone has the opportunity to sit together and have an intimate meal together at noon, you should choose curtains with thick material so that the sunlight and the light are not too bright to affect the atmosphere of the meal.
5. Choose elegant colors

The dining room is one of the spaces that create a positive catalyst for the connection of everyone in the house. Colors that are both suitable for the dining space and less cramped are milky white, light yellow, bright orange, light green ... and bright pastel colors close to natural colors. .

However, there are exceptions. If your house is designed in a classical or traditional style, dark colors will naturally appear in the dining room to bring consistency to the overall architecture of the house.

Paint the walls of the dark color, you should still choose light-colored furniture and floors, add bright flowers on the dining table so that the dining place is always "luxurious" and cozy.
6. Create highlights

This is not too difficult, impossible to do and also not expensive for the family. Just a vase with a pretty design, or a small tablecloth, prominent color seats, or a few pictures of family members ... the details are very small, but It is also enough to remind members about cozy meals.

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